Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Widely recognized as the world’s best coffee, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is grown in the cool and misty climate of the Blue Mountains ranges of Jamaica. Just north of Kingston near Hardwar Gap in the Blue Mountains, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is a highly sought-after specialty coffee, renowned for its mild flavor and lack of bitterness. The Blue Mountain blends are not easy to find in Jamaica, given the high levels of demand across the world. Only a few growers still roast the old-fashioned way, selling their harvest to locals and passersby.

In order to protect the quality of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica is responsible for ensuring that the coffee comes from a specifically recognized growing region in the Blue Mountains. The Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica also monitors the certification and labeling process. There are five different classifications of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee dependent on factors such as size, appearance, and defects allowed. These classifications are Blue Mountain No. 1, Blue Mountain No. 2, Blue Mountain No. 3, Blue Mountain Peaberry and Blue Mountain Triage. It is also important to note that Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee only refers to coffee grown at an elevation between 3,000 and 5,500 feet.


Located 3100 ft above Kingston, Strawberry Hill is your gateway to discovering Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. With guided treks and hiking trails across the Blue Mountain range, including the Clifton Mount Estate House Coffee Farm trek,  the oldest functioning coffee estate in Jamaica, guests experience Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee like never before.

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