Blue Mountain Jamaica

There is no other destination in the world like the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Shrouded in early morning and evening mists that give them their bluish tint, the Blue Mountains of Jamaica stretch across the eastern portion of the island for approximately 28 miles. As the longest mountain range in the country and the longest continuous valley range in the Caribbean, the Blue Mountains include the island’s highest point, at 7,402 feet. They span 194,000 acres and were preserved in 1992.

Other than the area’s extreme beauty, the Blue Mountains of Jamaica are world-renowned for their coffee. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is cultivated at elevations between 3,000 and 5,500 feet and is shipped all over the world. Because of the elevation, the Blue Mountains are more humid and cooler than the rest of Jamaica, so you find a quite different climate. Because of this more than 500 flowering plant species can be found in this area, about 240 of which are indigenous to the island, including 65 species of orchids. A lot of this flora can be discovered on the grounds of Strawberry Hill and along the treks and walks from the hotel.

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