Guided Hikes

Our guide will lead you to hidden waterfalls, tiny villages that seem lost to time, and rugged climbs among wild fruit trees that only the fittest should try. Our more intrepid Guests will enjoy this opportunity to refresh themselves with exercise at an elevation of more than three thousand feet. The mystery of the famous Jamaican Blue Mountains’ color is actually an effect of the mist hovering above and through the island’s highest mountain range. Hikers find themselves walking with their heads in the clouds – literally. In this rare eco-system, tropical daytime heat contrasts with a blessed cool at night. Above Strawberry Hill, the temperature becomes fresher, and as the trek takes you higher, you will be fascinated as you observe the changes in the flora and fauna.

Blue Mountain Peak Trek

To catch the splendor of sunrise over the Blue Mountain tops, it is best to overnight at Whitfield Inn and set off at 2 a.m. to arrive on top…

Settlement Hiking Trail

We call the medium-difficulty Guided Settlement Hiking Trail, our Fitness Trail. On this uphill 4-hour trek, you will pass through the side of Jamaica most visitors never see—deep country….

The Gordon Town Trail

Swimmers and water lovers will delight in this low difficulty, three-hour trail. Follow the Hope River downhill, crossing tiny bridges. Splash in fresh, clear swimming-holes and duck under waterfalls…